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GC/MS Analysis by Attorney Frederic Douglas

In order to be able to effectively handle DUI cases involving blood and/or urine testing, you must know what GC/MS is, how it works and its limitations. I have never met Frederic Douglas. I know what I have read about him on his AVVO Profile and what I have read about him on his Intellectual Property Law website. However, he wrote an article entitled GC/MS Analysis which demystifies what exactly a GC/MS is and how it works. This article is still available online. This article is invaluable to any attorney wanting to understand GC/MS. If you intend on handling DUI manslaughter cases or DUI serious bodily injury cases, you must know this material and this article is the best place to start. I’ve included the link to the article and a PDF copy just incase the article should ever go offline. It is that good.

I would encourage everybody to “like” his Facebook Page connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter. I’ve given this article to everybody who told me they wanted to start practicing DUI defense. Mr. Douglas probably doesn’t know it, but his article has launched many solid DUI careers resulting in a lot of not guilty verdicts. Show him some support.

GC/MS Article by Attorney Frederic Douglas.

Download ( JD-Supra-GCMS.pdf, PDF, 229KB)