The Science

There is no point in lying.  This stuff is pretty complicated.  However, with a little work, you can figure it out.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and you can achieve great results for your clients with a little bit of effort.

Once you have a general grasp of how GC/MS works, it is time to move on to see how it is applied in the context of a DUI case involving a blood or urine sample

  • Justin McShane – Before jumping into the videos, which are used with Mr. McShane’s permission, I would like to say a couple of words about Mr. McShane.  Mr. McShane is the best DUI Attorney in the entire country. He knows the law and the science involved in DUI cases inside and out.  At the same time, he is a true “student of the game” and is always seeking ways to improve.  Not only is he an amazing resource on DUI law and science, but the practice of law in general.  He is always willing to help and more than a couple of my “not guilty’s”  involved his knowledge and advice in some way or another.  While there may be some dispute as to who is the greatest pound for pound boxer of all time……….Ali……Mayweather…….Leonard………Hopkins……….Lewis……there is no debate when it comes to DUI attorneys.  Justin McShane is the best there is, was and every will be.
  • 9 Part Video Series on Defending DUI Drug Cases
  • 13 Part Video Series on Analytical Chemistry in Blood Testing